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March 22, 2011
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My name is Kimberly, and I love Pokemon. But with my growing love for other Anime and video games, I hadn't played the Pokemon games in a long time. So I decided to again. I looked through my DS bag to find all my games. I found them, except for Platinum. Carefully placing the others on my bed, I look over them again to make sure I wasn't just missing it. I looked on the ground to see if I had dropped it, and saw my dog staring at me with that guilty look in her eye. Raising an eyebrow, I turned and looked under the table I had gotten my DS bag off of. I found Platinum… chewed to pieces. I let out a cry of disappointment. I had JUST defeated the Elite Four, and was planning to again! Luckily I convinced my mom to let me buy a new game.
Unfortunately, all the new Platinums had been sold out. I had to resort to a used one. No big deal, I could just start a new game. Used ones were cheaper anyway. The case was in pretty good condition, too. It had been tough working all the way to the end of the game, but trying to catch up would give me something to do.
When I got home, I popped it in my DS and turned it on. Everything was normal. Same logo, same credits, same Giratina. But strangely, there was no option for "New Game" or "Continue". There was only one: "Continue New", with some spaces blurred out between the two words and after "new". I couldn't make out what words the blurs were hiding. Weird. Maybe the previous owner was a hacker? I wouldn't know. I've never hacked or glitched a game in my life. I shrugged and selected it.
Once again, everything was normal: Professor Rowan lectured me (I skipped past it all), it asked for my gender, it let me pick a partner (I chose Piplup), etc. But it never asked for a name. I just kind of shrugged it off. It doesn't ask for your name until about 10 minutes of playing in Pokemon Ranger Guardian signs. Then again, that was a completely different game, and I had already played Platinum before. Oh well. Must be part of the glitch.
But when I started playing I discovered my character already had a name: Ina. That was weird. The endings of all my Pokemon characters' names are pronounced Ina. Malina for Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, Sabrina for Ranger, Marina for Diamond, Cristina for Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Serena for Heart Gold, Elina for Shadows of Almia, Trina for Guardian Signs, Corina for Pearl, and Selena for my old Platinum. That had to be a coincidence… Right?
I played for a while, and everything was perfectly normal. The whole pre-named character thing eventually slipped my mind. My nameless Piplup was doing great and evolved into a Prinplup by my second gym badge. But after that is when things started to get freaky again.
I was wandering through the grasses when I encountered a wild Megnanium. Meganium?! That Pokemon isn't even IN Platinum! My strongest Pokemon, my partner, was at level 31. This wild Meganium was at 100. Then it hit me: in Blue Rescue Team, I started as a Chikorita. But I finished the game long ago and now I'm a level 100 Meganium. Weird…
Only then did I realize I had no chance. All my Pokemon had their HP at zero, except for Prinplup. His was at 6. But all his PP had run out, except for in Bide. And there was only 1 left for that one. I was doomed.
Just for the heck of it, I threw a Poke ball. My jaw dropped. It wobbled once and caught the Pokemon. How?!
Would you like to send this Pokemon to the PC? Yes/No
That was never an option before… Curious, I hit no.
Select a Pokemon to switch MEGANIUM with.
I switched out my weakest Pokemon, my Pidgey. Right now, this was looking to be a pretty sweet hack, or whatever it was.
Give this Pokemon a nickname? Yes/No
I selected no.
Malina has been switched with PIDGEY into your party.
Wait, Malina?! I didn't name it Malina! I immediately went to look through my Pokemon. It had to be a glitch. My eyes widened a little. When I battled the Pokemon, it was male. Now it was female, and named Malina. I shook my head, thinking the hours of gameplay had burned my brain or something. I saved then turned the game off. That's enough for one day.
The next morning I decided to play the first Pokemon game I ever got: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. I had nearly forgotten the whole Meganium thing. I had gone to bed after turning it off and figured I had been dreaming.
I selected continue, then was faced with something that puzzled me. I was a Pikachu, not a Meganium. I remained calm. I hadn't played in a while, and Pikachu was my partner in the game. I must have switched them. But when I left the team base, I was stunned. Normally, a cute little flag would be flying next to the Chikorita-shaped base. The flag was still there, but shrunken and black. It was still and not blowing, like the green one usually did. The base had been trashed. The door hung on a slant, the mailbox had been knocked over, a few holes were in the walls, and, strangest of all, there was something resembling blood on the wall of the base. An animated house in a children's video game had been vandalized. But… it was a video game! I had finished the game over a year ago and nothing important happened on the few occasions that I played. Was something important finally happening? No. Whenever something did, all the Pokemon in the little village thingy would show up, and Malina AND Pikachu would be there.
I decided to check the friend area where Malina is. Chikorita and Hoppip were there… but no Meganium. I saved and turned the system off, then turned it back on. Maybe it would say something about this in the records.
I flipped through it. Kyogre joined the team, Mewtwo joined the team, Unknown joined the team… All useless stuff! But on the last page, I found something. Normally, the font wasn't anything snazzy and was white. Written in red and in a font resembling "Chiller" said… "The leader has been taken from us." Then, the same exact blurry letters from in between "Continue new". Only this time, a little clearer. I could make out the letters W and C. That was it.
I made the naïve decision to play Platinum some more. I eventually came across a wild Plusle. Plusles didn't live in that part of the game… Again, must be hacked or glitched. This Plusle had no level or gender. Curious, I threw a Poke ball. It shook twice, then caught the Plusle. It asked the same questions as it had with the Meganium, and I answered the same.
Sabrina has been added to your party.
Sabrina?! That was the name of my Pokemon Ranger character, and her partner was a Plusle! Creepy. Really creepy. I saved then popped in Pokemon Ranger. I was shocked at what I saw. The always-smiling little Plusle was no longer following my character. She wasn't wearing a ranger uniform anymore. I looked at my profile thing. I had been at ranger rank 10: now I was at 0. Any information about my styler was gone. But what shocked me the most was my character's appearance. Normally, she would be in a proud pose, her hair tied up, wearing her ranger uniform and holding her styler. Now her hair hung to her shoulder and looked uncombed. Her expression was apathetic, and she stood slouching slightly with her arms crossed. She wore a dirty t-shirt and jeans: no more ranger uniform.
But I was still in control of the game. I entered the Ringtown base. Maybe I could get some answers from the rangers there. Lunick's Minun, that usually was swaying back and forth happily, was standing still with a blank expression on his face. I walked up to Lunick and hit the A button.
"It's such a shame…"
I walked up to Murph and hit A.
"We really miss you here."
I walked up to Spencer. *A*
"I'm sorry Sabrina. But without a partner, you can't be a ranger."
What? Without a partner? Where was my Plusle? I decided to go to the spot in Fall City where I first met my Plusle. Joel was there. *A*
"You miss Plusle don't you? They took her away. Too bad they won't pay for what they did." They? Who is "they"? What did they do with Sabrina's Plusle?! Then more text appeared. It was the blurred text from between continue and new again. I could still see the W and C, but now I saw more: "wi" and "ict". What else was there?
The days of Platinum that followed didn't improve. I caught a level 100 Infernape after the Poke ball wobbled 3 times, then the game named him Marina, and all 6 of my Diamond Hall of Fame entries were deleted. When I selected the Hall of Fame, the blurred text appeared. It hadn't gotten any clearer. I encountered a level 76 Swampert, but by then I knew better than to throw a Poke ball. But all options were blacked out except for "ITEMS". And all items had been blacked out except for the Poke ball. Unable to run, I had no choice. The ball wobbled 4 times, then the Swampert was caught. At that moment I noticed a pattern. The first game I ever got was Blue Rescue Team. The Meganium had been caught on the 1st wobble. My second game was Pokemon Ranger. I got the Plusle on the 2nd wobbled. My third game was Diamond, and I caught the Infernape on the 3rd wobble. Then the 4th wobble for the fourth game… And the game named the Swampert Cristina. When I turned on Explorers of Time, my partner, a Torterra, was alone and frowning in his picture in Sharpedo's Bluff. The bed that Cristina the Swampert usually slept was torn to shreds.
I didn't want to play Platinum anymore. But something kept drawing me into it. I played until I caught a Pachirisu named Elina and lost my first partner in Shadows of Almia, a Torterra named Corina and lost all my badges as well as my partner Pokemon in Pearl, a Typhlosion named Serena and got banned from the Pokemon League (and lost my partner of course) in Heart Gold, and a Pichu named Trina and had my character in Guardian Signs lose her job as a ranger. The game took control for all of these Pokemon captures. And in all the games where I had lost a partner, a text box would appear with the blurred words clearer each time. It took until my last game, Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs, for the message to be revealed. I was terrified at what option I had chosen from the beginning: "Continue with new victim."
That scared the crap out of me. A video game was destroying my others, and sucking me into playing it. It was trying to become the most dominate game. Okay, shut up. That's stupid. It's a freaking GAME. So what if my other games were ruined? They were just games. I finished most of them anyway. This Platinum was no threat to me. It was actually becoming kind of fun to see what this glitch-fest had in store next.
When I turned on the game again, the letters were no longer blurred out. And I no longer cared. But there was another option: I could now view the previous owner's save file.
They were a boy. Their character's name was O. Huh. Kinda weird. I looked through his Pokemon. Charmando the Charmander. Mino the Minun. Bulbo the Bulbasaur. Picho the Pichu. How cute. The kid ended all of his Pokemon's names with O. Just like I end mine with Ina…. My heart skipped a beat.
His player didn't look like the normal male character in Platinum. He had blue eyes, short and neat brown hair, and a smile plastered on his face. But it looked fake, forced. His name was Alberto. A few months ago, a little boy named Alberto, who looked just like the previous owner's player, had been killed and featured on the news. Nobody ever knew how he died, they just found his room vandalized with some blood on the wall. He had vanished. Just like in Blue Rescue Team… I dropped my DS. That was impossible. It was JUST a game. I was too stubborn to believe otherwise.
To prove myself right, I went to my own file and played for a while. Everything was normal again, besides the 8 Pokemon I had apparently obtained from my other games. I beat 3 more gyms. I caught NORMAL Pokemon, and the game didn't by itself. I did. I was in control again.
Suddenly, I came across another wild Pokemon. Prinplup had evolved into Empoleon by now. Bring it on! I thought. But what I faced wasn't a Pokemon. It was a sprite with no face or anything. It was all blacked out, body and everything. What sent shivers down my spine, though, was this "Pokemon's" name: VICTIM.
Now there weren't any options to choose from. Not even ITEMS. Sweating, I switched the power button off. But it wouldn't move. It was sticking. Oh crap! I had put my DS next to a stick of gum the previous day, and since it was summer, it had melted. It must have got some stuck in the power switch!
Ina threw a Poke ball!
What? No I didn't! STUPID GAME! I began shaking the system. The screen froze after VICTIM had gotten into the Poke ball. I sighed, relieved. But the game soon sprung back to life.
Give this Pokemon a nickname? Yes
Why isn't there a no option?
Kimberly has been added to your party.
*EDIT* Geez, this is getting more popular than I ever would've imagined it would... You know what would make me incredibly happy? If someone did a fanart of this. I would love that :love:

My first ever creepypasta, written by ME.

LOL, I just realized I forgot about Explorers of Sky! Oh wait nvm, I didn't include that one because it's my only game where my characters name doesn't end with the "ina" sound (I'm an Eevee named Melanie in that game XD)
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